Qustom quilts for baby, crib, lap, and wall.

image1(1)I recently had the opportunity to visit with my momma for a few days, and she commented more than once on the color combinations I’ve been using on some of my projects. Right now, those projects include embroidering some 18×18 inch pre-printed quilt blocks which won’t be used to make quilts at all, but rather be used individually as the centers for a table topper I’ve been concocting in my mind’s eye. The premise is that the hand-embroidered block would be surrounded by hand-pieced blocks of some sort. Currently, I’m digging on the tossed nine patch concept, so we’ll see how this all plays out. However, back to the color part of the show.

image2(4)I don’t know about you, but I’m really into vintage and shabby chic with a little bit of country and patriotic thrown in for good measure. I guess that all sounds a bit eclectic and scattered, but when it comes to the vintage colors, I just love the way you can combine shades that seem like they should totally clash but once put next to each other they are the perfect complement. For instance…purple and yellow with a bit of gray thrown in for good measure. With the right tones chosen, these look like a spring tea party on your table. Or, take peaches and blues. These together remind me of mason jars and pearls. Anywho! While momma kept complimenting me on my color schemes, she also asked where did I come up with some of the combos and how did I manage to make them work. That depends…

image3(2)Sometimes, I’ll take a stroll through the paint department at my local hardware store and snatch swatches, a big ol’ handful of random colors. Then, I bring them home and arrange them on my table until something clicks. Other times, I go through design magazines and when a room displayed within catches my eye, I try to mimic it through chosen floss colors. Department stores, particularly the kitchenware sections are great places to find inspiration for color. What’s the current trend in dish patterns? What colors are available in linens? What flowers are popular this season? What’s the current deco piece of choice among shoppers? Are birds in or out? Which birds? Peacocks are all the rage right now. All the bold shades of blue, gold, and purple combine to make some really amazing palettes. Yellow and gray are a thing. While that might seem drab, find just the right shade and pop! What I in essence try to do is take current trends, and make them my own by reimagining how to use those colors to create my embroidery patterns. It’s not that complicated, really and it is so much fun exploring and finding new ways to see color, not just on the art wheel and obeying the rules that say warm and cool clash.

What color trends are you digging on right now?


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