Qustom quilts for baby, crib, lap, and wall.

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Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com

As this is posting, I’m whizzing down the highway with my husband at the wheel. We’re making our way back to the mountains from a few whirlwind days away filled with family, friends, and a high school graduation. We’ve attended get togethers, family dinners, checked out a few sights, laughed and loved. And, I’ve made a special delivery or two.

It seems one of the hottest things smoking right now are the tee-shirt quilts. I never thought in a million years that’s what I would be getting the most orders for when back in 2015 Mom and I began taking apart my husband’s unit tee-shirts to construct what would become one of his retirement gifts after having spent thirty years serving our country as a US Marine. In fact, I don’t remember them being that popular at that point. I’d see someone hit or miss making one, but over all there wasn’t too high a demand for them. Since then, several of my friends and family have taken a look at his and as a result, I’ve had several inquiries as to whether I could take a few of their tee-shirts and make one for their graduate. At this point, I’m taking limited orders, but have enough to keep me busy a while.

One of the highlights of our whirlwind trip was hand delivering one of the tee-shirt quilts I just completed for a friend’s high school graduate. I figured being that close, we could take the time for a special deliver. It’s not part of my normal service, but I got to see a friend and take joy in the smile that graced her face when she saw what I’d managed to create for her. It also saved us some postage being able to take the item to her doorstep.

The tee-shirt quilts are a lot of fun! Every single one is unique and it’s a treat seeing someone’s memories take shape in the form of an heirloom keepsake. While I can’t know what those memories are exactly, I can sort of imagine what the customer must have been seeing, doing, or feeling during some of the times they or their loved one may have been wearing one of the shirts. Some of them are sports related. Being a football Mom myself, I love imagining the wins those type shirts have seen. Some of the shirts come from theme parks and vacation spots. I can just see the family having a great time together on their road trip. By doing my small part in putting together a tee-quilt, I’m helping preserve someone’s memories. And that’s just such a pleasure and a privilege.

Thank you, clients, for entrusting me with your shirts and memories as I turn them into something which I hope you or your loved one will treasure a lifetime.

One thought on “Special Delivery

  1. BethAnn says:

    Your work is the biggest blessing to my family. I’m able to rest knowing the kiddo’s shirts are in good hands and the finished product is amazing! I could’ve never done what you manage to pull off well before deadline. Thank you so much for being so amazing-and talented !


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