Qustom quilts for baby, crib, lap, and wall.

image1(12)During our little whirlwind trip in the middle of May, I had the pleasure of seeing my niece graduate high school, had a visit with family, savored some delicious meals, experienced some of that famous Midwestern weather I can honestly say I do not miss, and got some shopping in. Knowing me well, my bestie in Indy had a little bit of a quilting adventure planned for me when we reached that leg of our trip. It. Was. Awesome! And, I’m woman enough to admit, quilting adventures can be a dangerous thing to my pocketbook.

If you’ve never visited Indianapolis, you’d probably be surprised at how small town such a huge city feels. I’ve dropped in a few times since Aunt Betty (inside genealogy joke) and I met some ten years or so ago, and my first trip there I was simply taken aback after having lived in, moved around, and driven through so many metropolises over the years with the military husband. The city is laid out in a simple square, extremely easy to navigate, with outlying suburbs skirting the edges, each neighborhood flavored with its own unique seasoning. And, you can be outside the “city” in a matter of minutes in any direction you should choose to drive. It’s also one of the cleanest big towns I’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting.

image2(9)This time, Aunt Betty took me over to the Noblesville area where we spent some time antiquing and I ran across several pieces which inspired me and sparked a few new quilting and decorating ideas. This trip also involved a quilting store, Always In Stitches. Oh, my gravy, y’all! I was in high cotton. So much fabric! So many fat quarters! Panels, embroidery floss (brands I’ve never seen anywhere else), classes, machines, and books. I actually found a couple of great recommends for quilting fiction. Being as I am an avid reader of romance and women’s fiction, this tickled my fancy and I now have a couple of new authors on my to-be-read list.

Several minutes into this field trip, there I was, digging my way through a stack of fat quarters when I realized I’d lost my man. Did I mention we had our men in tow? We have two of the best guys on the planet who’d do just about anything to keep us happy. That day it was to follow us around a quilt store. Mine had gone missing. I hunted and hunted and found MarshFox in a back room chatting up one of the quilters about the industrial long-arm she was working with. It seems he’s pretty fascinated by what we quilters can do with these babies and he was all about getting the info on this particular machine and how much they were. Have I mentioned I love this man? How many men would take the time to show an interest in his wife’s “little hobby?” I just smiled, shook my head, and went back to the stacks of fat quarters.

We left there with a handful of literature on what may be my next machine purchase if MarshFox has a say in it, a bag full of fabric, and one more quilt shop destination under my belt.

Since our return to the mountain, I’ve been busy finishing up a few tee-shirt quilts and with that season almost wound up, I’m looking forward to summer and fall shows. The first one coming up is the Heritage Festival in Franklin, North Caroline July 20 from 9-4. If you’re in the area, come on by and watch some fabulous crafters exhibiting their talents and be sure to look me up.

Have a great week, quilties!

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