Qustom quilts for baby, crib, lap, and wall.

IMG_2798Where or where has Denisea been? Mostly at the sewing table getting ready for the next festival in October. My inaugural foray into the world of festivaling was in July at the Appalachian Heritage Day in downtown Franklin, NC. Let me just say, it was HOT that day. And it rained that afternoon, which exacerbated the humidity. However, even though I glowed way more than I normally like to, I learned an immense amount at my very first crafty event.

My Square works! That was a gigantic relief to find out that I did have enough signal downtown to access my Square app so my customers could easily pay with a card of their choosing. And it was my first time trying my Square reader, so I became more familiar with the workings as the day went on. It takes MarshFox and I less than an hour to set up my tent, displays and get my product placed. That’s a great time! There’s something to be said for being an organization freak and having another for a spouse. It’s a little bit miserable doing shows in the height of summer. I’m unsure if I’ll do another, especially considering the weather we had. In less than a few minutes of the rain beginning, the streets were emptied of potential customers. That’s the stink of a rain or shine event. You have to stay once you’re set up, and if you bail before the show even starts, you lose your booth rent. It’s a risk. I’m glad I took it this time, because again I learned a lot. Another great lesson was in taking stock of my displays and finding what worked best, what I need to ditch next time in lieu of another fixture, etc. I also got a feel for what products people seemed to be most attracted to. I think the biggest boon of the day was getting to know people; others in the crafting community as well as contacts for other events.

All in all the day was a success and a lot of fun. I sold a few items and got a couple of special orders. I was happy with that!

All this experience is going to go to good use October 19 when I’ll be participating in my next event. Pumpkinfest in downtown Franklin, NC will be happening from 9 AM-4PM and should prove to be a lot of fun. If you’re in the area, come out and join us! Roll a pumpkin, eat a pumpkin treat, stop by my booth and buy a Boo Bag. Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Experience is the Greatest of Teachers

  1. Bethann says:

    You’ve been a busy Bee for sure. Can’t wait to hear all about Pumpkinfest. The Boo bags are precious.


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