Qustom quilts for baby, crib, lap, and wall.

black and white business career close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I get asked many times, particularly on social media…

Do you have a physical store someone could come to and shop?

The short answer is no.

The little bit longer answer is, while I am listed as a “business” on social media sites because they make it a bit difficult to wedge what I do into a “category”, I don’t have an actual store front. However, that doesn’t mean I’m inaccessible other than my Etsy store or Facebook. I’m more than willing to meet up locally with someone with a few pieces they might be interested in to see if it’s a good match before they buy. I also attend area festivals, so there are a few chances to attend a fun activity and find me in my booth with all my wares. Another option I’ve been pondering is having an open house a couple of times a year if I can find enough interest in such a thing. I’d have the open house set up in my carriage house complete with sweet treats and refreshing beverages.

Do you take special orders?

I do! I take special orders for all my products, or we can start from scratch with an idea. I’ll tell you upfront if your project is something beyond my skill level. Once I have a good idea of what you want, how much fabric, supplies and man hours are involved, and if I have to special order anything to complete what you’d like, I’ll give you a quote. If we’re in agreement, I’ll proceed with the project BUT you will not owe me anything until it’s complete. This way if you’re unsatisfied with the finished result, you owe nothing. I will keep in contact with you along the way and send pictures of the process and once the item is completed. If you’re happy, I’ll invoice you through PayPal and once payment is received in full, I’ll ship your item to you. You can contact me with your special orders either through the contact form on this site, through PM on Facebook, or you can email me at beedarnedltd@gmail.com.

Be watching for more frequently asked questions in the future, and if you have a question you’d like answered, let me know.

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